Product manual and
usage instructions


Proceed with the sealing test using a clean bottle and fill with water only.

  1. When assembling your clean Zoenox bottle, remove the Ⓐ Air Pocket Cover before assembling the Anti-backflow Cap and Ⓑ Pouring Spout.
  2. After filling with water, assemble the remaining bottle parts as normal.
  3. When the cap is pressed down, check if there is any leakage from the Ⓒ attachment point between the bottleneck and the Ⓑ Pouring Spout.
  4. If you experience leakage, twist the Ⓑ Pouring Spout as tight as you can. Use rubber gloves for extra grip if necessary. We recommend also resecuring the Anti-backflow Cap.
  5. If you are still experience leaking from the bottle, please take a video of the problem and forward it to our customer service center at

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