Stop using ineffective wine savers!
The answer is perfect air blocking!

French Paradox

French Paradox

American Cancer Society Announcement! The daily limit of wine per woman is only 1 glass (125-150ml).
People who drink a glass of red wine every day have less cardiovascular disease and are effective in preventing brain aging.

- Research results comparing average life expectancy in wine producing countries -

healthy wine

Since one 750ml bottle of wine produces 5 to 6 glasses, you can maintain your health by drinking one glass every day for 5 to 6 days.

Drink a glass a day for a healthy wine culture! ‘ZOENOX’ presents unchanging taste and aroma of wine from the time you first open it to the last drop.

There are many wine preservation items,
but how do they perform?

Wine consumers know that air voids must be completely eliminated!

  • Hygiene
    Put it in a plastic bottle,
    remove the air and store it
  • deterioration
    A wine stopper that allows outside
    air to flow in while retaining the inside air.
  • Oxidation
    Only part of the oxygen is
    removed using a vacuum pump.
  • expense
    Inert gas blocks oxygen
    but incurs additional costs

    Approved by the Food and
    Drug Administration
plastic bottle
It is not hygienically safe and is not recommended for participation in gatherings or bringing in from outside.
wine stopper
Allowing a layer of air inside the wine bottle will eventually lead to rapid oxidation, deteriorating the taste and aroma.
vacuum pump
Since only a portion of the air is removed, the air is not completely removed and the scent is easily blown away.
inert gas
It is effective for storage, but the cost of purchasing expensive gas continues to be incurred.

The answer to perfect wine

‘ZOENOX’ is a method in which the air layer in the bottle is completely removed regardless of the amount of wine remaining. It solves the problems of other preservation methods such as incomplete sealing and only partial removal of oxygen, and provides the same air blocking effect as expensive products without requiring additional costs such as gas exchange.

‘ZOENOX’ is a essential item for the health and quality of wine lovers.

After opening, the wine`s oxygen level increases and Ph.
Numerical comparison test completed

As a result of comparative simulations with other products,
ZOENOX proved to be “more than twice” effective in preserving all types of wine.

  • ph.value comparison test results
  • Dissolved oxygen measurement results

‘ZOENOX’ has improved the preservation function of remaining wine. Existing savers lose their function when laid down,
but ZOENOX can be stored in the cellar when laid down is possible. Disposable antioxidants, argon gas, etc. can be used semi-permanently at no additional cost.
The luxurious design makes it easy to use anywhere, at home, at a restaurant, or at a campsite.

I recommend ZOENOX to these people.

Wine lovers who drink too much because they feel like the remaining wine is a waste.
Those who are disappointed with the performance of the existing wine saver
People who are hesitant to open expensive wine on their own and just store it in the cellar
Those who want perfect storage without the hassle of filling multiple bottles into small bottles or refilling the gas each time.
People who want to taste wine that was opened a few days ago without change with friends
People who want to have just one drink while eating