‘ZOENOX’ Preserves the best wine taste.

A smart item that preserves the flavor of your daily drink with just one bottle.

How many days did you drink the wine after opening it?

Wine begins to oxidize after opening!

All wine begins to oxidize after being exposed to oxygen.
The only way to keep wine fresh is to completely block oxygen!

There are many ways to store wine.
But there is no perfect method yet.

Is there no perfect storage method?

Stop worrying
about rancidity

A new method of perfect sealing that abandons existing wine storage methods and challenges zero management costs.

Can wine be stored lying down once opened?

Perfect sealing
is the answer.

Store conveniently in the refrigerator or wine cellar.
‘ZOENOX’ protects your wine.

3 steps to enjoying the perfect wine

Move, Press, Close

‘ZOENOX’ does not allow a single air bubble from start to finish.
All you have to do is move the opened wine, press it, pour the wine, and turn it to lock it for perfect storage.

Don`t be limited by time or place.

is perfect anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are enjoying it alone, at a party, or outdoors,
‘ZOENOX’ always provides the best flavor.

Is hygienic management possible?

Complete disassembly allows
clean cleaning.

Unlike other products that are difficult to disassemble,
‘ZOENOX’ can easily disassemble and clean all parts.


Made in Korea with added safety.

This is wine that goes into the human body, so you can’t just leave it anywhere, right?
Are you going to use a cheap, uncertified Chinese product?
‘Joinox’ is a safe material and is 100% developed and produced in Korea.

Meet our products.

As a completely separate modular product, you can create your own ‘ZOENOX’ by purchasing optional parts at any time.
Even if you accidentally break the product, you can easily replace it by purchasing only the damaged parts.
When upgrading a product, you can easily upgrade by purchasing only the changed parts.

How long will you be satisfied with just storing it?

Create your own collection with the APP

Just take a photo of the wine you are drinking and enter some simple information.
We will inform you of the optimal drinking period for wine stored in ‘ZOENOX’ depending on the type of wine and the region of production.
Just enjoy your wine. ‘ZOENOX’ takes care of your memories.