Hello. This is Director Kim Jeong-jun, a dentistry specialist.
As a wine lover, I have been wondering how to store leftover wine.

There are many wine savers on the market, but most of them do not perform their role properly, and wine savers with good performance have the problem of being too expensive or incurring additional costs.

Inspired by the fact that injectable ampoules used in hospitals are sealed and stored for a long time regardless of the volume, we conducted a follow-up study on the changes in taste and aroma of each type of wine by pouring hundreds of types of wine into large-capacity syringes with a sommelier.

We incorporated that principle into patented technology and created ZOENOX, a Korean wine preservation container.

joint development

ZOENOX, developed jointly by a sommelier and a doctor, was created in Korea by Koreans.

Product Research / Design

01. Product research and design

Silvino is a group of people who love wine and have constantly worked and researched.

Experts from various fields came together to develop the best product in line with the title of MADE IN KOREA.

Product Test

02. Product testing

The superiority of performance was confirmed by comparing the preservation effect of hundreds of types of wine with existing wine savers.


03. Customized service!

We are 100% responsible for everything from research, design, production, inspection to delivery in Korea.